About us

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Our Story

As a former textile sourcing expert, Annie Cyr faced interminable lead times, high minimum order barriers, as well as other realities that made the buying process frustrating and inefficient.

In 2018, she did something about it.

Tengiva became the first online marketplace for ready-to-ship textiles around the world. Connecting buyers and suppliers directly, the point was to cultivate new partnerships, educate, and simplify trade throughout the industry.

The current pandemic highlights a grim fact: the industry is glaringly behind in terms of using technology to conduct business. And while conferences and trade shows are no longer an option, Tengiva’s platform becomes an indispensable tool where buyers can find available textiles in the quantities they need, and sellers can showcase their in-stock material to develop new business relationships. This, without ever having to get on a plane.

Tengiva’s vision is to become a structured, secure space for trade, growth, development and collaboration for everyone involved in the textile industry.

Our Mission

Make buying smart and simple

Provide clear, concise textile information and an easy
way to order what you need

Build business relationships

Connect industry buyers and sellers for better growth
and relevant partnerships

Pursue sustainability

Encourage the pursuit of sustainable fashion by facilitating material distribution and networking

Our team

Founded by textile professionals who care about the future of the industry

Annie Cyr

Industrial fashion management major Annie Cyr, a reputed textile sourcing expert, author of the Textile Fibers Guide and founder of the textile publishing and education firm CACITH Inc., is a passionate advocate for textile technology advancement, innovation and quality control.

Carlos Agudelo, Ph.D

With a Ph.D in industrial engineering, specialized in textile and paper, Dr. Agudelo is a highly published, multilingual international speaker, with a deep understanding of textile science, quality control, manufacturing processes, synthesis and development of polymers for medical and technical applications, textile and paper industry process and innovation management.

Our Values





Meet the team behind the mission

Émile Brunelle, Backend programmer
Amélie Lamarche, Textile products manager
Charlotte Lachance, Graphic designer
Pedro Cybis, Sustainability manager
Louis-Philippe Musto, Web Developer
Natalia Agudelo, Sales & communications Latin America
Elise Dionne, Executive Assistant & marketing manager
Francis Beausoleil, Head of programming
Grace Greer, Social media specialist