About Tengiva

Tengiva is a division of CACITH inc, a Canadian company, based in Beloeil.

We do not store materials, we only facilitate and connect the industry.

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What is Tengiva ?

The first online marketplace for in-stock textiles, that directly connects clients to suppliers while stimulating knowledge and partnerships in the industry.

Tengiva stands for :

Textile Exchange Network Generating Industry Value and Accessibility

Who is behind this ?

TENGIVA was created in 2018 by author and textile sourcing expert, Annie Cyr, and textile and paper engineer Dr. Carlos Agudelo. Fervent believers in innovation, this duo of researchers combines their practical, insightful textile sourcing experience, with in-depth understanding of textile chemistry, and its infinite possibilities.

Industrial fashion management major Annie Cyr, a reputed textile sourcing expert, author of the Textile Fibers Guide and founder of the textile publishing and education firm CACITH Inc., is a passionate advocate for textile technology advancement, innovation and quality control.

With a Ph.D in industrial engineering, specialized in textile and paper, Dr. Agudelo is a highly published, multilingual international speaker, with a deep understanding of textile science, quality control, manufacturing processes, synthesis and development of polymers for medical and technical applications, textile and paper industry process and innovation management.

Assisted by a team of textile experts and web wizards, they've conceived a platform that's specifically designed to serve the singular needs of the industry. Their goal: on the one hand, to inform and educate buyers so textile sourcing becomes smarter. On the other, to help manufactures empty their warehouses, while developing new  business opportunities.

Our team

Annie Carlos

 Sara Pedro Cybis

Francis St-Onge Beausoleil Natalia  


So where does it all happen? 

Right here in Beloeil, Canada!


ps: Truth be told, our office isn't always this neat, but the view is ALWAYS this pretty.