Responsible material sourcing

Tengiva unveils its label for the apparel industry

Designers now have a distinguishable logo that displays their commitment to sustainable sourcing through clever use of excess textile stock to produce finished goods and support the circular economy.

Tengiva originally created the Responsible Stock Management label to identify manufacturers that are making concrete efforts to support circular economy. 

To come full circle, the Responsible Material Sourcing label identifies finished products created with excess stock.

By sourcing excess textiles you support the redistribution of produced materials and encourage circular economy. 

You have the power to choose what you use.

Textile buyers that purchase materials with the “verified excess stock” tag on our platform, may use the Responsible Material Sourcing label on the hang tags of the garment made with these materials, to communicate their contribution and efforts.

What do we mean by Responsible Material Sourcing?

Responsible Material Sourcing means you’ve consciously chosen excess stock and are doing your part to reduce environmental impact, while also exploring new suppliers, new textures and new possibilities for your own work.

Excess stock is an unavoidable reality. It can come from many sources: new developments tests runs, wrong color shade, production defects, client insolvency, production quantity buffers, etc. 

The suppliers featured on our platform are courageously standing out from the crowd by showcasing their available fabric, and finding it a second life. 

By purchasing stock with the “Verified Excess Stock” tag, you’re putting existing textile to great use, and it matters.

Why use the Responsible Material Sourcing label?

Sure, it’s a great way for a brand or label to look good and showcase its efforts. But beyond that, it’s also a way to identify those that are changing the way they do things, for the greater good. A recognizable label helps create a sense of community with like-minded businesses or individuals and it encourages others to be a part of the change. It also helps buyers choose labels that are in line with their values.

Who can use this label on their products?

Designers that purchase textiles that are identified with the  “Verified excess stock” tag on Tengiva, can use the “Responsible Material Sourcing” label on the hang tag of the products made with this fabric.


Be on the look-out

Designers that are actively using the Tengiva platform to source stock, and use this fabric in their final products, can use the Responsible Material Sourcing logo on their hang tags.

Spot someone who shouldn’t be using it? Please kindly let us know.


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