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Become a supplier

Sell your in-stock textile and develop new business


Tengiva is an online marketplace for in-stock textiles.

Much like Airbnb, but for textiles:

You list fabrics that are available in your warehouse,

B2B customers will place orders; Pay the product and shipping with their credit card ;

All in a controlled environment; Then you ship it using our FedEx account.

That’s it.

Clear your warehouse

Convert stocks into a marketing strategy

Open new markets

Accelerate market penetration for new developments

How does it work?



What does Tengiva do for you?


How much?

From $55 to $62 USD/month, depending on your plan. 

This includes :

∙  a free starter kit    [learn more]

∙  a 45-minute one-on-one online demo

∙  unlimited user accounts to manage your store (shipping department, accounting, textile specialist team, etc.)

∙  unlimited products, unlimited sales

∙  a FedEx user account within the Tengiva account (You don't pay for shipping or duties)

∙  an accounting section to track and manage your income

∙  reports

∙  Google analytics for your store

Is there a commission?


Within industry standards and automatically added on top of your price, 

so you don’t need to worry about it. 

What’s the catch?

There's no catch. 

We worked in the industry for many years and know what’s crucial and what’s not. 

We built the platform with all of this in mind.

Will we need more staff ?

You shouldn’t.  

It takes about 10 minutes to create a product   +  2 minutes per color version. 

This means:  If you have 1 fabric in 5 colors, it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to create. 

And, once it’s created, it’s good for life 

It’s actually so complete and easy to use, that some of our vendors and industry colleagues are considering using Tengiva as their own stock management system.

Exciting! Isn’t it?!

Too busy?! We’ve got you covered.

With our team!

As an extra service to your membership plan, you can “rent our team” to accelerate your onboarding.

Much like any implementation service, our team will come on-site to help you get set up and list products. You rent by the hour, with a minimum of 5 hours, plus travel expenses.

Depending on the country where you're located, 

we have local teams to assist you in : Canada, Turkey, India, Colombia, etc…

Rent our team

No need to translate

Your products will always be featured in all languages we add to Tengiva. 

Because, when you build a product, every select box translates automatically into every available language. 


Who can sell?


Not a textile manufacturer? 

You still can sell on Tengiva, If you :  

∙  can fulfill our technical information requirements, 

∙  are already familiar with exports, 

∙  can supply Lab color coordinates, 

∙  meet the guidelines in our Vendor guide, 

∙  do not discriminate buyers who purchase your products, 

Learn more



Suppliers from the following countries can currently sell on Tengiva :

Australia,     Belgium,     Brazil,     Canada,     China,     Colombia,     Denmark,     France,     Germany,     Greece,     Hong Kong,     Italy,     India,     Japan,     Laos,     Mexico,     New Zealand,     Nicaragua,     Norway,    Pakistan,    Peru,     Portugal,     Spain,     Sri-Lanka,     Switzerland,     Sweden,     Taiwan,     Turkey,     United Kingdom,     United States,     Vietnam


Not on the list ? Fill out a request to add your country

Request a country

Who will buy ?

Mainly companies, 

for :

∙   Product sampling and development

∙   Just-in-time needs

∙   Smaller-medium size productions

∙   Custom design products


Learn more B2B clients

Where Tengiva’s responsibility ends ?

The shopping and purchasing experience is entirely managed by Tengiva through its website. Inventory reservations and deductions, payments and invoices are managed automatically by the system. Invoices are sent automatically to customers in your name and you also get a copy, when they make a purchase. 

The “legal” sale is between your company and the customer. So, if you have specific fiscal obligations based on your country’s regulation, it becomes your responsibility to meet them. 

Why do we mention this? 

It’s a frequently asked question, and because we care about transparency. 


What can you sell?

Textiles for apparel and accessories that are available in stock.

*We do not sell production orders, that’s your business, and this is why customers have all the necessary information to contact your sales team directly, when they wish to place production size orders.



How does it work?

1. Manage your products


2. Show your products


3. On the Go : 

List your products from your smartphone or your tablet, follow your orders, manage your entire store.


Do you offer trials?

No. Why?

To provide the full experience, we send you a free starter kit, build your company page in 3 or more languages, and arrange a 45-minute one-on-one online demo.

Our monthly subscription is as little as $62, and whenever you feel ready, you can change to the yearly plan, which makes you save more money.

Ready?  On-boarding is simple!


Choose your plan

Not available in your country?

Request a country

Product listing and brokerage contract 

Tengiva Vendor Guide

Still have questions? Click here for advanced information