Tengiva is 

 the world's premier online marketplace solution for B2B  in-stock and leftover textiles

An innovative sustainable solution for your textile leftovers   ♻️

✔ Verified Excess Stock program

A turnkey business development tool that optimizes your existing inventory

 →  Google Analytics for Tengiva's suppliers
 →  Profile page & microstore (Web presence) 
 →  Social media presence and marketing

The difference with Tengiva is : 

Tengiva does not change the way you do business, it optimizes it

If you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler : 

You already ship 5-10+ meters for sampling to your current customers; 


Instead of : 

Paying for the samples and the shipping; Spending 3-4 weeks of extensive communications;
Maybe end-up with no production orders. 


With Tengiva you will :

 →  List the products you have in your warehouse,
 →  Refer your clients that require sampling or in-stock textiles on your tengiva.com profile,
 →  Receive an order notification, pack it and FedEx will pick it up.

* When clients are ready to place a production order, they have all the necessary information to contact you directly without our involvement. 

Tengiva will help increase your : 

 →  Inventory turnover

 →  International presence

 →  Online marketing

 →  Turn what was previously a loss (leftovers) into a revenue


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