“We built what we, textile buyers, fashion designers and sourcing specialists wished for, to make our jobs easier.”

Imagine sourcing in-stock textile,
as easily as buying on Amazon,
in a simple environment, similar to Airbnb,
at true market value,
with all the technical specifications you need,
in just one place.

Shop directly in supplier warehouses, from the comfort of your own office.

No fuss, no emails, no phone calls, no need to commit to future business.

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How does it work?

Suppliers list textiles that are available in-stock, making sure to include technical information, specifications, quality, and more. When you place an order, they simply pack and ship directly to your destination.

Not sure about the fabric?

Read here about our sample swatch service.

Why did we create this?

We’ve worked as large quantity textile buyers, as well as consultants for textile sourcing needs of businesses large and small, over several years. Through it all, we noticed a distinct irony in the industry:

Regardless of your company size, everyone needs small quantities, at some point. Whether you’re sampling, developing a new product, producing sizing sets, have a small production order, or even an accent fabric on a larger production, you’ll want and need fabric in small-scale quantities, and acquiring what you need is a hassle.

On the other hand, textile suppliers and garment manufacturers end up with textile stocks that they want to move for many reasons: whether it’s because of overproduction or simply their stock programs taking up space in their warehouses.
We connect those that need and want textiles with those that have it.


Reasons of availability

Tengiva specializes in left-over, in-stock textiles or stock programs. You can find the reason of availability on every product page.

• Excess inventory: Left over fabric runs from sampling or production
• End of product line: Stock that will not be produced again
• New development test run: New textile qualities being developed by the supplier
• Stock Programs: Always in stock fabrics

If you want to order a full production run, feel free to contact the manufacturer directly. They'll be pleased to help and this way, everyone wins. Just type their name in the search bar to find their contact information.

Need a specific textile?

If you don’t see what you’d like or need, please let us know.
We communicate this information to suppliers monthly and we’ll work on getting what our buyers request.

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