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“We built what we, textile buyers, fashion designers and sourcing specialists wished for, to make our jobs easier.”

Imagine sourcing in-stock textile, as easily as buying on Amazon,

in a lean environment, similar to Airbnb,

at true market value,

with all the technical specifications you need,

in just one place.

Shop directly in supplier warehouses, from the comfort of your own office.

No fuss, no emails, no phone calls, no need to commit to future business. 

Select the fabric you need, 

Pay with your credit card, 

Receive it in less than 5 days


Re-orders ?

No problem!

1 - Before choosing your fabric : verify if the supplier offers production orders.

2 - Check if there is still stock available; (stock programs usually exist)

3 - If no stock is available and the supplier does produce on demand : 

you have the full contact info to place production orders directly with them, without having to go through us.

Need a specific textile?

If you don’t see what you’d like or need, please let us know. We communicate this information to suppliers monthly and we’ll work on getting what our buyers request.

Request a textile

Don’t see a supplier?

1 - Ask your suppliers, they might already be listed on Tengiva

under our “hidden mode”, while they’re building their online store.

We have over 3 million meters in the process of being listed.

2 - You can ask us for a specific supplier if they are not yet listed, we’ll contact them for you.

Request a supplier

Star sourcing in-stock textiles


Keep reading below to learn more

How it works ?

Suppliers list textiles that are available in-stock, making sure to include technical information, specifications, quality, and more. When you place an order, they simply pack and ship directly to your destination.

Why did we create this ?

We’ve worked as large quantity textile buyers, as well as consultants for textile sourcing needs of businesses large and small, over several years. Through it all,  we noticed a distinct irony in the industry:

Regardless of your company size, everyone needs small quantities, at some point. Whether you’re sampling, developing a new product, producing sizing sets, have a small production order, or even an accent fabric on a larger production, you’ll want and need fabric in small-scale quantities, and acquiring what you need is a hassle.

On the other hand, textile suppliers and garment manufacturers end up with textile stocks for many reasons.

Without Tengiva, it’s either:

Long back and forth exchanges with suppliers

Shopping in stores where you can’t get quality control

Purchasing in distribution centers, where you don’t know if you’ll be able to ever reorder.

With Tengiva:

 • It's fast and easy

 • You build business relationships with new suppliers

 • Discover new fabrics you may not have known existed

 • Pay for true market value

 • We connect those that have textile, with those that need and want it

Ready to shop?

• Browse textiles here

• Use the search bar at the top of the page for direct access to what you need

Consult our learn section if you have questions

• Use our buyer help center

• Create your account

More and more countries

Customers can purchase from the following countries:

Australia,     Belgium, Brazil,     Canada, China, Colombia,     Denmark, France, Germany, Greece,     Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway,     Peru, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan,     Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam



Customers can choose to pay in their either Canadian or US dollars.


We ship using FedEx for fast (2 to 5 days) and trackable deliveries.

For orders over 30kg (equivalent of 1-2 rolls of fabric), you have the option "Use your own transporter".

Pricing seems expensive? See for yourself www.fedex.com/ratefinder



Orders of...

0 to 25 meters : will be folded and put into a box or a polybag.

**If you don't want folds in your textile, you might want to consider purchasing a larger quantity.

26 meters or more : it will be rolled on a cardboard tube.

*** Shipping costs is slightly more advantaging has the flat cost is split on a larger quantity.


Duty fees

Duties may apply to your shipment and, unfortunately this isn't something we can calculate in real-time, yet. Applicable merchandise import duties for a specific country will depend on the product's country of origin, the destination and the product's HS Code.  Generally duty fees will be around 5 to 8% of the value of your product, but it could also be 0, or be slightly higher. It all depends again on the international agreements between the countries.

Considering we do business in more than 23 countries, the combination of these variables means over 23 000 possibilities.

As a buyer, this means that any applicable import fees for your order, will be charged to you upon delivery.



Exchanges and Returns

Cut textile is pretty much like underwear;

once purchased, it really shouldn't be returned or exchanged.


An exception will be made if you receive a product that does not correspond to what you purchased.

In this case, you'll be refunded, or we'll do everything in our power to get you the correct textile. If this occurs, please do the following:


Send an email to help@tengiva.com including:

•  The original purchase information (hint: you can just forward the confirmation email you originally received),

•  An image of what you received

•  A short explanation of the discrepancies.