You'll know it's easy online sourcing when you see 'powered by Tengiva'

Since its creation, Tengiva's mission was to provide a new sourcing standard, one that enables global access to materials in a common language relevant across the textile industry.

What to expect from the standard of a “Powered by Tengiva” website?

From 5 meters minimums,

up to 2,000+ meters

For in-stock materials, you can buy increments of 5 meters and up to 2,000 meters when in stock

Guaranteed sample availability,

delivered in one week

Place your swatch orders online and Tengiva will get them to you expeditiously.

Secure international online payments & shipping

Safe online international payments, integrated customs declarations, and secure reception of products when sourcing from Our Partners.

Standardized & detailed textile specs

Transparency and access to information are key to enhancing your production process. Our Partners disclose essential information about textiles, from the country of origin, construction, finishings, weight to colour details and care instructions.

Seamless, single-step purchases

Eliminating back-and-forth communication, the sourcing process is simplified with Tengiva's technology.

Directory of Suppliers using the technology and adhering to its standard.

With the different Marketplaces and E-commerces 'powered by Tengiva', you can easily place orders from the variety merchants in our directory.

Your account as the master key to all "Powered by Tengiva" platforms

When you create an account on a website “powered by Tengiva” you automatically get access to all the platforms using its technology.

What to expect when you join the community?

Access the network of our technology users and start sourcing now!

Don't find one? Recommend one!

We are always reaching out to textile manufacturers to join the movement using the technology and adhering to its standard.