How to buy

Textiles are now
universally accessible.

Source curated quality fabrics from worldwide suppliers, starting at 5 meters, and up to 2000 meters and more. Delivery within 5 to 7 business days.

We are the only tool you’ll ever need to source.

Can I get wholesale prices?

When you create a free Business Account, you instantly enable the wholesale pricing model. No monthly membership required.

Where do you ship?

We ship pretty much everywhere in the world!

Can't find your country? Contact us at

Can I use my own transporter?

Yes, starting from February 2021.

Can I order custom colors or prints?

All products sold on our site have already been produced, are available and ready to ship. However, you can contact the supplier directly to discuss a custom production run.

How can I find a specific fabric?

Two ways: Assisted or technical are available under the “Shop” button in the top menu.

Our team of experts have pre-selected materials for specific applications, performances and by cause.
You become the expert, we give you the freedom to choose where you start from. Either by construction, by fiber content or by finishes.

In any case, you can always choose “Shop all” and filter them out as you need.

What if you can’t find what you are looking for?
Fill our “request a textile” form to add your request to our list. We’ll contact you when we have an in-stock textile matching your requirements.

What about samples?

To order samples, we require a minimum of 5 mix-and-match sample swatches to be ordered. Buy 10 samples or more and get free shipping. Although, with our super low MOQ (5 meters), you may skip this part.

What’s the service fee?

The service fee helps us provide hassle-free, VIP access to international warehouses while improving your access to textiles. It covers payment processing fees, duty declarations, logistics, expert recommendations, quality control guidelines and vendor curating. Additionally, it helps support R&D for more and more features to serve your brands.

The best middleman you’ll ever meet.

Fees are proportionate to spending. Shop more, enjoy lower fees.

0 to 999$ / year, excl. shipping = 20%
1 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 19%
2 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 18%
3 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 17%
4 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 16%
5 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 15%
10 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 14%
20 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 13%
40 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 12%
60 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 11%
80 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 10.5%
100 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 10%
150 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 9.5%
200 000$ / year, excl. shipping = 9%

**The service fees are cumulative within the same company, across its users.

What’s your return policy?

Textile is pretty much like underwear; once purchased, it really shouldn't be returned or exchanged. All sales are final.

If you hesitate to commit to our 5 meters minimum, you can always purchase a sample swatch beforehand.

An exeption will be made if you receive a product that does not correspond to what you purchased. In this case, you'll be refunded, or we'll do everything in our power to get you the correct textile. If this occurs, please send an email to, with the following :

  • The original purchase information (hint:you can just forward the electronic bill you originally received from our site, when you purchased the item)
  • A clear photo of what you received
  • A short explaination of the descrepancies between what you received and what you ordered.
What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Orders start at 5 meters, up to whatever’s available in the warehouse.

How do I know what quality I’m buying?

Products are labeled with clear categories that explain what you’re getting. Quality assurance and control matter, and we make sure buyers can make informed decisions.