A digital tool for your sales team.

Concentrate on what you do best, while our experts get you online.

What's the price to sell on Tengiva ?

The service is free.

Our team lists your products for you, in exchange for 1-2 meter samples of the products you’d like to list on Tengiva, in each color available.

What does Tengiva do?

We provide an online platform where you can sell your in-stock textiles to buyers from around the world.

Imagine a trade show that’s online and open 24/7.

Our job is to: bring traffic to the site, list your products online and make them stand out.

But, just like any trade show, we don’t sell for you. That’s your sales team part of the deal. We make doing business online fast, simple and profitable.

What can we sell on Tengiva?

In-stock (already produced) textiles only, such as:

  • Stock program: Recurring program, with inventory that is constantly replenished. (1st quality grade only)
  • New collection: new products. Please note that items will fall into the ‘regular’ category after a 6-month period. (1st quality grade only)
  • Regular collection (1st quality grade only)
  • Past collection (1st quality grade only)
  • Excess Stock - 1st quality grade
  • Excess Stock - 2nd quality grade: please refer to vendor guidelines for quality standards.
What is the Minimum order quantity on Tengiva?

The MOQ is 5 meters, with 5 meters step increases, up to as much is available in stock.

Just like you already do. When clients ask for sampling, or less than MOQ. The difference is that on Tengiva, they purchase it, and it’s much much easier!

Why in-stock only?

In-stock textiles are essential to your business. First, nobody ever places a production order, without first sampling the textile. Second, one of the main Covid-induced trends is to accelerate supply chains, because let’s face it, 18 months from design to store, makes no sense at all. Stocks enable fast supply chains. Zara is a great example of a brand who uses in-stock textile to be able to speed up their supply chains. Small companies aren’t the only ones who benefit. Large, established businesses can benefit just as much.

Does the client know who is the seller?

Yes. Tengiva is pretty much like a trade show: you have your own company profile which is like having a stand. Your products are listed under your name and clients can instantly buy from your available inventory. If they wish, they also have all the necessary information to contact you directly.

How does inventory work?

Your inventory stays in your warehouse and you control what you feature online.

Every time you sell something through our platform, the inventory you have uploaded to Tengiva.com is automatically updated.

Who pays for shipping?

Buyers pay for shipping.

Who handles customs and taxes?

The buyer pays taxes and relevant customs fees, however the seller must ensure that all the documents are in order, prior to shipping.

Do we pay commissions?

No. Commissions are automatically added on top of the price you assign to a product. The listed price included this calculation, so the buyer pays for the commission fee, which depends on their purchasing volume.

Can we use our own shipping account?

The buyer will choose shipping options. At this time, they can use Tengiva’s shipping or their own. Supplier shipping accounts can be used, starting in February 2021.

What happens if we list an item and it’s no longer available?

It’s like a hotel room. Once you sell something, regardless of how it's sold, it’s important to remove it from our website, so you’re not selling it twice.

In what countries will buyers see my products?

We’re visible in every Continent.

How do we know when a client buys our product on Tengiva and what happens next?

It’s all programmed so you can act quickly.

  1. You’re notified by email
  2. You have 2 business days to pack & ship
  3. Funds from the sale are placed in your Tengiva account and available for withdrawal 15 days after the buyer claim period.

Associated international transfer fees can be chosen among the options available in your country and the frequency strategy you want to adopt.

Is Tengiva like a sales rep?

No. We’re like a trade show, with added benefits, and online. We create traffic, hype and visibility for your products on our platform, while you sell your goods.

What are new innovative products and how do we qualify?

Once in a while, suppliers come up with a product that really stands out. Unique, innovative products are hand-picked by the Tengiva team and tagged “New innovative product” for a 12-month period.

Can buyers place POs (production orders) through Tengiva?

Not yet. However, buyers have all the necessary information to place an order directly with you, through your profile page.