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We maintain privileged relationships with many of the industry’s top manufacturers. Innovation, quality and reliability are important to us, so you can trust that suppliers featured on our site will deliver according to the highest standards.

China Unique Garments Mfg. Co.
China Unique Brief overview Privately-owned apparel-manufacturing business, established in 1963, specializing in manufacturing woven men's shirts for... More
Eko-Terre Brief overview Eko-terre is a startup company which mission i s to valorize hemp straw into high quality fibers for textile and... More
  ENCORE Brief overview ENCORE is a subsidiary of an apparel manufacturer with a 30-year history in the industry and a manufacturing presence in 10... More
Filspec Inc
Filspec Inc. Brief overview FilSpec™  is a world leader in manufacturing high-performance technical yarns. From our Canadian, American and European... More
Grupo romamills
Grupo Romamills Brief overview Romamills produces excellent quality of yarn guarantying our clients great quality in all our fabrics. Our yarn mills respond... More
Karbel Konfeksiyon
Karbel Brief overview Karbel has perfected its shirt manufacturing expertise over a 20-year span, serving and satisfying many prestigious brands... More
La Poblana, S. A. de C. V.
La Poblana Brief overview La Poblana is a textile factory that has more than 80 years in the market. Throughout our history we have exported to... More
Nan Jing Modern Star Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Modern Star Silk Brief overview Founded in 2003, Nanjing Modern Star Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an integrated import export enterprise specialized in the... More
NNTT TEch Brief overview NNTTTEch is a company specialized finished products made from cosmetotextiles. They do not produce materials.     Speciality... More
Seçen Fabrics Brief overview SEÇEN FABRICS has been weaving and producing high-quality rayon, viscose, cotton, linen, modal, tencel, silk and... More
Shiv textile
Parmaj Group - Shiv textile Brief overview Our company established in 1965 with only two hand looms. we have 24 Vamatex silver HS looms. we manufacture... More
Stanfield's Ltd.
Stanfield's Ltd. Brief overview Stanfield's Ltd. is a 160+ year old,  vertically integrated textile and garment manufacturing company based in Nova... More
Texlima Brief overview Texlima was founded in 1986 with the firm intention to revolutionize the industry of textile wholesalers with exceptional... More
Textiles Lafayette S.A.S - Sports division
Lafayette Sports Brief overview Lafayette is a Colombian fabric manufacturer with over 75 years of experience in the textile industry with a... More

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