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5 meters order (1.2kg)

*Shipped in a pak
Taiwan (Yilan county) - Canada (Québec)

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*Prices shown in USD / Standard rates

Quotes from July 30, 2019



40 meters order (10 kg)

*Shipped on a roll
Taiwan (Yilan county) - Canada (Québec)



*Prices shown in USD / Standard rates

Quotes from July 30, 2019

***We don’t hide shipping cost within the prices of the products***

Return or Exchange

Textile is pretty much like underwear; once purchased, it really shouldn't be returned or exchanged.

An exception will be made if you receive a product that does not correspond to what you purchased. In this case, you'll be refunded, or we'll do everything in our power to get you the correct textile. If this occurs, please send an email to help@tengiva.com, with the following:

  • The original purchase information (hint: you can just forward the electronic bill you originally received from our site, when you purchased the item) 
  • A clear photo of what you received
  • A short explanation of the discrepancies between what you received and what you ordered.

Thanks for helping us maintain quality, textile shopping experiences.