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fabric warehouse suppliers

What do you do with your seconds, developments and unclaimed textiles?

TENGIVA helps you:

  • Sell them at their true market value
  • Increase your client base for more business opportunities
  • Clear inventory that’s taking up space in your warehouse.

And yes, there’s a market for that!

TENGIVA - Online Textile Marketplace from Tengiva on Vimeo.

Here’s the thing:

If you’re currently selling your left-over inventory to a distributor, chances are you’re practically giving it away, and there’s no connection between the final buyer and your company. There’s no opportunity to develop business.

Perhaps you tried to sell online, but on your own. That’s tough, too. E-commerce platforms aren’t designed for the textile industry, plus you don’t benefit from the traffic generated by a marketplace. Think of it like a shopping mall, tailor-made for your industry, with lots of suppliers and thus, attracting more potential buyers.

As former textile sourcing experts, we remember the multiple calls, emails and extensive waiting that often discouraged us from exploring new textiles, and buying outside our existing supplier list. We wanted to buy. We wanted to try. But it was too much work.

Bottom line: samples or small quantity requests are a time-consuming, low-paying, logistics hassle for buyers and sellers. As a textile manufacturer, you want to showcase your work to potential, future clients, but the administrative effort it takes, makes you think twice about assigning resources to this task.

And that’s where we come in!

Our online marketplace is a simple, efficient way to showcase and sell your existing inventory.

Rest assured! This isn’t about your production orders, and we won’t be stepping on anybody’s toes. Manufacturing is your specialty and your time is better spent, where it really counts; fine-tuning production and developing new products. We’re here for the small stuff, that can eventually get you the big stuff. We simplify the sampling and small order process, to get that unclaimed textile out the door, and into the hands of those that want it. Once the buyers decides they want more of your products, they can place productions orders directly with you. We publish your direct contact information.

You're FREE!

Free to sell to whom you want and use others channels if needed. Just make sure to update the Tengiva platform. No restrictions. We understand your business.

Sound good?

We’re choosy, though!

We want you to be in good company, we want our buyers to love what they get, and we want the overall TENGIVA experience to be memorable, in a positive way. This means screening for quality assurance. If you’re certifications are up to date, your production processes are structured and reliable, and you’re transparent about what you produce, we’d love to talk.

FYI: We currently showcase textile that’s destined for soft goods and garments, exclusively. Home textiles may be included at a later date, as will other related textile products.

If we’ve peaked your interest, follow the become a supplier link, fill out the form, and we’ll tell you more. It’ll be worth your time!