Terms of sale

Please read the terms below carefully, since they govern your purchase of textiles from sellers operating on the Tengiva platform. This contract is between the buyer and the seller. Tengiva is not a party to this contract, and only provides the platform and certain intermediary services.

(a) Price: The price is as indicated on the purchase page. The price includes discounts, sales taxes, and shipping costs, but excludes customs fees, if any (see below).

(b) Quantity: The quantity purchased is as indicated on the purchase page. Please review this amount carefully before finalizing your purchase. Sellers may include up to 10 cm extra, but may not otherwise exceed the ordered quantity, and may never fall below the ordered quantity

(c) Quality: The seller guarantees that the product sold conforms to the description provided on the product page. In particular, defects will be specifically noted on the product page. Whether the product will be suitable for your particular needs is something that you will need to evaluate using judgment and common sense. You are encouraged to purchase swatches of a product for evaluation purposes prior to purchasing large quantities.

(d) Delivery: Shipping costs and estimated delivery times are indicated on the purchase page. The choice of shipping method is up to you. If your product is damaged or lost during shipping, the seller will replace it with the same product. If it is not possible to replace the product in the amount you ordered, then the seller will refund your purchase cost.

(e) Customs: You are responsible for paying any customs or similar fees.

(f) Returns: You may return a product if it does not match the description on the product page. Whether a product matches the description is determined by reference to the Tengiva Vendor’s Guide as displayed on the date of sale. The Vendor’s Guide will be applied by the seller reasonably and in good faith. No other returns will be accepted. You are responsible for return shipping, and once returned, the seller will refund product’s purchase price and shipping cost.

(g) Contact: You will find a link to the seller’s contact information on the product page. Please contact the seller for all enquiries about a specific product or transaction. If you have questions about the Tengiva platform, including labour standards and materials safety standards, please click the “contact us” link on Tengiva.com. If you have questions about shipping, please contact the courier company handling your delivery.