Optimize your inventory and sell online with Tengiva’s digital supply chain manager
Today’s fashion buyers are demanding transparency and faster sourcing cycles. Tengiva enables you to modernize your tracking and keep up with the digital demands to access more buyers worldwide.
Tired of hassles of back-and-forth communication?
Speed up your sales cycle by showcasing the details your textiles deserve, enabling easy sampling and purchasing online.
Reduce back-office administration
Save time and costs wasted on excess paperwork with Tengiva’s integrated, automated shipping & customs paperwork handled for you.
Don’t sit on inventory
Access new markets by listing your fabrics in the Tengiva marketplace to access fashion buyers around the world.
Get visibility into your business
Know what’s selling, stock levels and more so you can optimize your inventory and make production decisions based on data.
What’s Included in Tengiva Digital Supply Chain Manager
  • Textiles digitization service*
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Marketplace listings
  • Automated, integrated shipping solution (from your warehouse)
  • Automated customs declaration forms
  • Risk-free international payments
  • Sample management (small swatches from Tengiva’s warehouse)
Traditional to Digital in 3 Steps
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