Product Digitization

The full Tengiva experience begins with digitizing your products.

What's included:

Textile swatch preparation

Your products will be cut and prepared using the most resource-efficient automated cutting table in the market. This will enable the Swatch Sample Management.

HD textile photography

Your products will be photographed with a state-of-the-art automated system. Developed in-house by our professionals, it captures the feel and movement of your materials. This will enable the Digital Textile Display.

Textile-specific analysis

Your products will be analyzed in depth by our experts. With best-in-class techniques for CIELAB spectrophotometer colour scans, GMS weight, yarn count, and mechanical finished analysis. This will enable the Supply Chain Manager.

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Once this step is completed, you instantly get access to the following:


Supply Chain Manager

The Supply Chain Management platform is a full-suite tool that allows you to manage your products and inventory in real-time without having to leave your computer.

Simultaneously, it prepares you for all "powered by Tengiva" marketplaces.

No additional employees needed, No need to change the way you work, and No software to install.

What's included:

Real-time inventory management

Keeping track of everything that flows in and out. With Tengiva, you have a real-time visibility of your inventory.

Centralized portal

Track your activity. Make your product data and transactions central, secure and effective.

Unlimited processed orders/SKUs

Clients will be able to place orders instantly from texitles available in your inventory, reducing back-and-forth communication.


Swatch Digitization & Management

When your products are digitized, you instantly have access to the Swatch Sample Management program.

What's included:

Outsourced Sample Distribution & Management

Tengiva processes, prepares and ships your textile samples directly to your clients from our warehouse when orders are placed through any of the “powered by Tengiva” platforms and marketplaces.

Digital Textile Display

Showcasing your textiles in a well-rounded format. Tengiva's solution includes a unique textile photography experience, along with textile-specific information, such as weight, colour details, construction, finishes, care instructions and other characteristics that are essential to your clients.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Never miss a potential customer again. Brands have a higher rate of selecting textiles that arrive on time for their next collection. Tengiva will get the samples to them within a week.

Using the full-suite tools you'll now be ready for e-commerce and marketplaces enablement across all platforms "powered by Tengiva".

Product Digitization Bundles

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All Packages* include:

(*Multiple sizes)

 Supply chain manager
 Centralized portal
 Real-time inventory management
 Unlimited processed orders
 Swatch sample management program

*via the platforms "Powered by Tengiva"

 Digital textile display

** An account manager will contact you within the next 2 business days to organize an introductory call.