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Interlock vertical (Standard) , 252 gsm, Polyester (filament) / Elastane (Spandex)

Ships from : Sri Lanka

Supplier’s product identification #SUFA002

Interlock vertical (Standard) , 252 gsm, Polyester (filament) / Elastane (Spandex)

Ships from : Sri Lanka

Supplier’s product identification #SUFA002

Available colors
3.29 USD / per linear meter

25 m available

Select quantity (Min. 5 m)
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4.00 USD / per sample

5 units available

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   > Weft Knit
     > Interlock vertical (Standard)

Fiber content

88% Polyester (filament)
12% Elastane (Spandex)

Construction details (per cm)

    Warp : 17
    Weft : 28

Weight & Width

Weight : 252.00 gsm - 7.43 oz/sqy
Open width : 168.00 cm - 66.14 in
Circular : No

Country of origin

Fabric : Taiwan

Color details

Color code : Grey
Color type : Solid
Printed : No
Yarn dyed pattern : No

Color coordinates (D65 light)

L : 39.7000
a : -0.1000
b : -2.4000



This product has a high volumetric mass. Exceptionally, we recommend minimum order quantities of 15 meters. Lower quantity shipping costs to meters ratio is high. 

For 15 meters to 25  meters the shipping cost is approximately $10 per meter. Making this fabric approximately $13,47 USD per meter. 


This is a 3D knit, there is a spacer yarn in between the face and back, making the fabric 3mm thick and with a firm hand. 


This material supports circular economy.

You may use the Responsible Material Sourcing label on hang tags for finished products that are produced with this material.

Firm drape

When holding the fabric, it holds well its shape.

Mild extensibility

Mainly wovens and warp knits with elastane, stretch component or crimp, some dense double knits.

2 ways - weft and warp directions

Most weft knits (by the nature of its construction), some wovens and warp knits with a stretch component, in both directions yarns.


You cannot see through the fabric. * Please note that white and light color textiles, even if they are considered opaque, due to the nature of their color, they can let underlying colors show through.


High thickness textiles, such has double sided fleece, felts, 3D knits. In average weight should be > 300 gsm.