Procurement system for sourcing teams

Manage your internal records and track everything from your suppliers.




Textile material libraries


Internal workflows

Boost collaboration with pre-vetted supplier processes and central contract repository.

dynamic data

Dynamic data

Transform your procurement data into actionable insights for forecasting and bench marking.

inventory management

Inventory management

Manage and track internal material inventory across your different facilities.

API integration icon

API integration

Connect your information with different software like ERP, PLM, MRP, accounting, etc.


Supply chain visibility

end to end

End-to-end visibility

Gain visibility over your global supply chain strategy with access to your supplier’s textile data in one unified format.


Real-time data transfer

Automatically transfer your suppliers’ data to your Material Library.


in system quoting

In-system quote requests

Gain efficiency with real-time user alerts & notifications and centralized requests.


pricing agreemenet

Pricing agreements

Track price agreements with your suppliers and safely store them for record-keeping and negotiation purposes.


Collaborative DPP compliance

Tengiva’s solutions, in alliance with PLM, ERP and/or traceability software, can successfully accomplish compliance and total connectivity by automatically transferring suppliers’ data to your Material Library ‘Powered by Tengiva’ .

We collaborate closely with industry-specific associations & government guidelines in anticipation of international regulations (Digital Product Passport).

Companies using our system



Bring your sourcing team closer to your suppliers

Enhance communication with suppliers with in-system messaging, quote requests and modification history.

In-system communication can increase your teams productivity by 75% as it will reduce time spent on quote requests, emails, and sample and specification requests.


Control your textile product information from a single place

Control all information related to your textile products from a single place with a centralized material library. From allocation to certification and supplier agreements, you will have one central administration platform.



Achieve seamless connectivity across your organization with real-time data

With this system, you can collaborate effortlessly within your teams (design, QA, material sourcing, purchasing) while ensuring secure data transfer to all your other software using a private-key API.

For instance, the textile moodboard tool allows your team to align on collection’s concepts, pre-select desired fabrics, and refine resources before moving onto production.

“It’s the obvious thing to do in this industry”

Harry Drakopoulous
CEO @ Off The Hook

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Single log-in across all platforms ‘Powered by Tengiva’
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Unlimited users
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Access to supplier’s public information
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Basic moodboards
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Pricing agreements tracking
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In-system production request
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Advanced features
Central material library
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Multi-location stock management
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Integrated quality control records
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Fulfillment module & controls
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Suppliers approval & territory access control
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Multi-brand (holding) group sourcing module
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Enterprise moodboards with resource planning 
and access control
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