Quote request module: Communicate better with your suppliers

Easily send and track textile quote requests with a dynamic and evolutive quote request module.


Time and resource efficiency

Automate mundane and time-consuming tasks associated with quote requests and tracking, enabling your team to focus resources on key initiatives.

By fostering clearer and more efficient communication with suppliers, you can increase your team’s productivity by up to 75%, significantly reducing time spent on manual processes such as quote requests and email exchanges.

Data-driven decisions

Obtain comprehensive information about quote requests and supplier responses for valuable insights into procurement performance. This data can be used to identify cost-saving opportunities, negotiate better terms with suppliers, and optimize procurement strategies over time.

Real-time quote insights

Enrich your decision-making capabilities by gaining real-time insights into all quote requests and supplier responses. This way, you can track the progression and status of each request and ensure accountability at every step.


Procurement system
for sourcing teams

Manage your internal records and track everything from your suppliers.