AITE’s textile marketplace
for Ecuadorian-made

With the Marketplace Builder, AITE revived a 3 year stalled project in only 6 months— launching the first marketplace for Ecuadorian-made textiles.


AITE is the main entity representing and defending Ecuadorian textile interests. Since 1943, they have been leading the integration, development, and positioning of the textile chain in Ecuadorian and international markets. When AITE first met with Tengiva their main objective was to facilitate the discovery and accessibility of Ecuadorian textiles locally and internationally.



It took AITE more than 3 years to find a solution that helped them standardize the data and information of all of the suppliers they wanted to onboard on their marketplace. They looked for an all-inclusive solution that would cover this issue while offering the best technology and service quality.

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AITE chose Tengiva because of their comprehensive product configuration and implementation. This includes all the necessary information needed to automate different business operations such as inventory management, production orders, sample swatch requests, and more.

With the use of a multi-vendor site, AITE can successfully promote different suppliers, highlighting the capacity, availability, and quality of Ecuadorian textiles both locally and internationally.


The marketplace solution allowed us to achieve an important milestone in our organization’s journey: launching the first digital marketplace to source Ecuadorian-made textiles. With a fully actionable platform, we have empowered clients worldwide to source and discover Ecuadorian textiles with one single click.

Camilo F. Ontaneda Pinto



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