Supporting Fantorin Circular Hybrids Fabrics’ growth with digital solutions

Fantorin sees an average of 75% increase in their teams productivity and collaboration with time reduced on emails, and specification documents requests.


Fantorin Circular Hybrids Fabrics is a Brazilian company specializing in the production of functional and intelligent fabrics with the support of M Pulse® embedded technology. Its aim is to reduce the impact of textile fibers on the environment.



To support their growth, Fantorin Circular Hybrids Fabrics sought a digital solution that could enhance internal collaboration, optimize productivity, and provide their sales team with the best tools on the market. The chosen system also needed to align with their mission of providing detailed information about their materials and visualizing their products' supply chain journey.



With Tengiva's integrated system, Fantorin Circular Hybrids Fabrics now has a centralized platform to store and manage all product information. This enables them to easily attach relevant documents, such as lab analyses, to establish a transparent and traceable supply chain.

Additionally, Tengiva's configuration ensures that Fantorin's products are compliant with the upcoming Digital Product Passport (DPP) requirements.


As a company focused on innovations we needed a software that would be a continuity of this engagement but also understand the uniqueness of the textile industry. Tengiva was just what we were looking for.

Fernando Marin


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